Nagar Baul James Song Lyrics

Nagar Baul James is a Bangladeshi singer, song writer, composer guitarist and playback singer. His original name Faruq Mahfuz Anam James and he was born in 2 October 1964 in Naogaon, Rajshahi. His father’s name Mojammel Haque and mother’s name is Jahanara Khatun.

James left his home when his family interrupts him to learn music and guitar. James opened the Band Feelings in 1977. He used to play vocals and guitar there. James release their first album Station Road but the album was not hit. The album Station Road  James composed all the track and wrote the lyrics five of them. James released their second album Jail Theke Bolcchi in 1993 and the album was a major hit. Then Band Feelings became a mainstream band.

Nagar Baul James renamed the Band Feelings as Nagar Baul. After renamed the band Nagar Baul, Dushtu Cheler Dol album was the first and only one album which is released in 2001.

Nagar Baul James is a legend singer of Bangladesh. He is also referred by the name GURU.